1. mikeypizano's Avatar
    I got a 8820 and its a ATT branded one. I have to intentions on using it as a phone, is there anyway to remove the ATT branding and make it think WiFi is a data connection?
    11-12-09 11:51 AM
  2. dsdawson's Avatar
    In order to use Blackberry data and push e-mail, you must have a Blackberry enabled account with your provider of choice. There is no way around that. You can use the WiFi feature on the 8820 to connect to the web, but without a Blackberry account, you will be limited to not much more than surfing.

    11-12-09 01:36 PM
  3. K1drobt's Avatar
    dsdawson is correct. In order to use the data features on your phone like BBM, email, etc., you must have a Blackberry data plan. The only thing you can really do with wifi on your 8820 is just browsing around the web.
    11-12-09 03:04 PM
  4. bboz's Avatar
    What is it in the "AT&T branding" that you don't like? Did you mean BIS?

    If you tell us what are you planning to do with the 8820, perhaps we can help you.

    Even without BIS, you can do more than browsing the internet. Depending on your choice of provider, you can get limited data service over edge.
    11-12-09 03:25 PM
  5. mikeypizano's Avatar
    Well someone gave this to me, I have Verizon. I don't really plan on doing much as I don't want it as a phone. I have twitterberry and palringo im working.
    11-12-09 07:14 PM
  6. flop's Avatar
    You cannot use BIS push data without the BlackBerry plan. However, you can install and use any third party applications that do not require BIS push data!

    As you have found, such apps include twitterberry and palringo. Other examples include Google Maps, Gmail, Viigo, Google Sync, Aloqa and many more. Your choice of web browsers can include BOLT, Opera and BlackBerry. The latter may require a replacement service book.

    The common misconception is caused by rumour, possibly started by RIM themselves. Unfortunately, the rumour influences the decisions of many administrators controlling the mobile networks - an absurd reality!
    11-12-09 09:25 PM
  7. mikeypizano's Avatar
    You know Gmail and Google Maps wouldn't set up for me. I already have a few PDAS, including a Clie NX70 and an iPaq HZ2495b so this is more of a new toy for me then anything. Can you install applications to the micro SD card?
    11-12-09 09:51 PM
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    By branding, do you mean the splash screen that is displayed at startup and by a blocked BlackBerry browser?

    If I am correct, you do not want to remove the branding because it's a harmless bitmap image and a waste of your effort. What you might want to do is replace the default browser service book. After doing this, you will see webpages instead of the splash screen

    The solution provided here is copied from blackberryforums.com.au and this solution works equally for APN and WiFi.
    • Download and unzip the attached files
    • Using a command prompt, navigate to the unzipped browser folder
    • Connect your BlackBerry using the USB cable
    • Type "javaloader -u save net_rim_bb_browser_daemon.cod"
    • Type "javaloader -u erase -f net_rim_bb_browser_daemon.cod" (the phone restarts)
    • Launch BlackBerry Desktop Manager
    • Click "Backup and Restore" followed by "Advanced"
    • Select the supplied "generic_Wifi_GPRS_Email_servicebook.ipd". Replace the exising file if asked.
    • Using the command prompt, type: "javaloader -u load net_rim_bb_browser_daemon.cod"
    • Remove the battery and restart

    There might be more than one service book. Consequently, if this solution does not immediately work, open the BlackBerry browser options and manually select the new service book.

    • Make sure you have a working installation of the free BlackBerry Desktop Manager before you begin!
    • Wait for javaloader to complete each of its tasks before moving on to the next step. It will say when it is finished.
    • Double check that "net_rim_bb_browser_daemon.cod" has been successfully copied to your PC folder before deleting the file on your BlackBerry!!
    • Nobody will accept responsibility if anything goes wrong. Consequently, by attempting this, you are doing so entirely at your own risk.
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    11-12-09 09:55 PM
  9. flop's Avatar
    Oh, well we must get Google apps working on your phone! As you can see, my phone is an 8800 and does not have WiFi. However, I am sure Google would not have overlooked WiFi.

    When you say they did not setup, did they successfully install? I can provide you with instructions to download OTA installations to your PC and convert them for desktop installation over a USB cable. Using the SDcard would be difficult. You will need to do USB installs if the BlackBerry browser refused to connect to the Internet.

    Either way, do you currently have the BlackBerry Desktop Manager? It is a free download from the BlackBerry website and you are going to need it to get things rolling...
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    11-12-09 10:06 PM
  10. mikeypizano's Avatar
    Flop, what I meant by the branding is the ATT logos on stuff. The browser works fine, and i am even trying Bolt and Opera Mini. I have the desktop software. I have DTG2 on it but it wants to "upgrade" it to 1.

    They installed, when I go to luanch them, even Google Talk, it says I need a data connection.

    Flop, you any any instant messengers we can use to talk on?
    11-13-09 01:33 PM