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    I tried to get an unlock code from a company who claimed to be able to deliver in 24 hours for 9.99. Two days later I've not heard a thing from them! They've taken the money but haven't sent a code or responded to any of my emails.

    So, rather than get scammed again, can anyone recommend a reputable place online that can sent me an unlock code quickly? I'm currently working aboard in Indonesia and really need my phone working!!!!

    Many thanks
    11-03-09 06:28 AM
  2. david9962000's Avatar
    11-03-09 08:58 AM
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    Thanks for that. I can't seem find find where you order online or how long they take to supply the code though. Any ideas?

    Also, has anyone used them to unlock a uk phone?


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    11-03-09 06:47 PM
  4. david9962000's Avatar
    11-03-09 08:19 PM
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    Ok, I was kind of hoping for instant codes really but anywhere that's 100% reliable it probably best.

    Has anyone used expressunlockcode.com? They claim to be able to do it in 5 minutes, but having had my fingers burnt once, I don't really want to spend another $30 via PayPal never to be seen again!

    MODS - can this be moved to the unlock forums as I didn't see them first time. Thanks
    11-03-09 11:28 PM
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    I got my bb8120 unlocked for 4.49 from a ebay seller called swiftsales714 on uk ebay


    i am nothing more than a one time customer of this ebay seller , code took a few hours to arrive, there where 3 codes and the 2nd one worked (the longest code) but follow instructions. Also remember to fill in imei number / carrier in paypal message box.(i did't and had to email it in!)
    hope this helps??
    11-04-09 03:39 AM