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    Ok, so theres been quite a lot of people asking about UMA unlocking.

    Having an unlocked phone does not mean your UMA works on any network, if your phone was originally Rogers branded, it will be locked to Rogers UMA, same with if it was T-Mobile branded. Now there is a way around it, but it will brick your phone if you do not follow the instructions 100%

    AllUnlocks.com - UMA Unlocking

    I will provide you with e-screen unlock codes for free (if you have over 100 posts, just so I know you sorta know your way around a BB), just PM me with your app version (exactly as it appears), PIN and uptime (you can not leave the help me screen, as the uptime will change). I will try to reply in a timely manner, but obviously if you try to do this when I'm sleeping, I won't be here.

    READ THROUGH THE GUIDE 10X before trying it.
    04-07-09 09:51 PM
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    If you PM me, please leave me your App Version, PIN and Uptime...
    04-07-09 10:17 PM
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    Hi RLP06

    This is kind of off topic lol but I can't PM yet (since I don't have 10 posts) so I figured I would ask this here. I'm assuming you're the admin for allunlocks.com. I ordered a Bell BB Storm unlock code from you yesterday evening but I forgot to put the IMEI, Model and PIN in the transaction (it was my first time making such a transaction lol), but then I emailed that info separately to "orders@AllUnlocks.com" from the same email address that's linked to my Paypal account. So I was just wondering if everything is ok.

    05-14-09 12:51 PM
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    this work for t-mobile branded uk?
    05-14-09 01:39 PM
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    What is this for? I don't understand.
    05-14-09 02:08 PM
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    Apparently doing a SIM unlock only means you can use a SIM card from a different provider. The UMA portion of your phone is still locked, if I'm reading this correctly. I'd be interested in doing this, I'll be PM'ing OP soon.
    05-14-09 03:09 PM
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    i wish the bold to be uma compatible
    05-14-09 03:31 PM
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    You can generate eScreen codes from my generator: BlackBerry eScreen Unlock Code Generator (by Thyth)
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    05-14-09 05:46 PM
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    I have AT&T service on my unlocked T-Mobile 8900. UMA doesn't work unless I'm on T-Mobile service.

    Will this allow me to use UMA with AT&T sim card?
    05-14-09 06:13 PM
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    No, UMA reprovisioning is only useful if you buy a UMA capable handset from one carrier and want to use it on another UMA carrier. For example, if you buy an Orange UK 8320, and you want to set it up for UMA on T-Mobile USA.

    AT&T is not a UMA provider.
    05-14-09 06:43 PM
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    You can generate eScreen codes from my generator: BlackBerry eScreen Unlock Code Generator (by Thyth)
    05-14-09 07:49 PM
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    RLP so my gf's 8120 was stolen this weekend so I bought a Tmo 8120 from tigerdirect is there a way to change the UMA servers on the unit based on this?

    and if so any rogers certs out there?

    This entire experience has been a pain, having it stolen and all finding out UMA is not working after the fact etc etc

    Anyways any input would be great...

    Wifi stat always gives me this error on the phone w001.6 im sure you know of it

    Thanks Again
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    06-04-09 12:29 AM
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    add me on your BBM if you can help me generate escreen password.
    12-15-09 08:25 PM
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    I got a BB Curve 8520 from Orange. The UMA worked fine but I wanted a phone with GPS so I bought an 8900 which was branded O2. I unlocked the SIM then put in the original Orange SIM from the other phone. Everything but the UMA worked fine but I need the UMA. I changed the firmware to Orange firmware via the BB site and the Desktop manager but no dice. I need to activate the UMA (I'm on OS ver The Thyth escreen unlock code generator has vanished. Any suggestions? Cheers, Serge.
    01-19-10 06:08 AM
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    right i have a huge problem. i have brought a unbranded 8520 blackberry from phones for you uk and i have many dead spots for reception in my house and cannot get reception. I have a 8900 which is orange branded and i run uma fine but the 8520 does not have the option. the only problem is the 8520 has been brought for my business and i have printed 100,000 flyers witht the pin on it and i cannot even get reception where i work from home. I really need help with unlocking the uma feature on my blackberry and will pay for the help. If anyone can email me tuggish_38@yahoo.co.uk and help me resolve the problem it would be highly appreciated please get back to me also if you have any ideas or solutions thanks
    02-26-10 02:10 AM
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    I believe someone had posted in the forums the steps to be able to use UMA when you buy a phone from a different carrier and which to use it on a carrier does also offer UMA. Will look for it now.
    02-26-10 09:06 AM
  17. CellUnlock.net's Avatar
    Look at this thread, one member was able to program the UMA, you can contact him and ask him how he did it.

    02-26-10 09:19 AM
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    Hello guys... I to was honestly going crazy trying to get my unlocked T-mobile 8900 to work on another network (Cincinnati Bell) but still have the UMA function. I have read many of the threads and I have tried a bunch of things. I finally got it to work. I will share what I did in hopes that it might work for someone.
    Okay first I followed the advise of uninstalling and then re-installing from this: BlackBerry 101: How to Install or Upgrade to a New RIM BlackBerry Operating System (OS) . After doing a clean install of newest OS from the blackberry website (that was from cincinnati bell, the carrier I currently am using) I open the blackberry desktop manager and went to back up and restore and then to advanced. I then took a friends 8520 that had UMA from cincinnati bell and and used the advanced area of the desktop manager to transfer his key store folder and service books to the left window. I then highlighted them and saved them as a file on my c:drive. I then moved the two folders back to the right window and did a refresh, then unplugged his phone. I then plugged my phone and used the restore from the desktop manager and uploaded the files to my phone. I then went to options/security options/certificates and the carefully deleted most of the duplicates files I got from friends phone. I honestly have no idea what files were needed to tmake the UMA work, but I then went into escreens/mobile network engineeringscreen/utilities//session manager/menu/uma options/new.
    display name: cincinnati bell
    operator name: same as above
    uma v 1.0.4

    uncheck default UNC ( and then I used hbsc6.uma.gocbw.com)
    uncheck default SEGW (and used segwo.uma.gocbw.com)
    for the SEGW certificate: I used the cincinnati bell certificate I got from friends phone.
    I then saved, chose cincinnati bell saved, closed , closed,closed.
    And then right then I was connected and have had UMA ever since. So basically It was getting and copying the certificates that made the difference and setting the escreen thing up. But I just wanted to post exactly how and what I did. I will try and figure out what certificates made the difference to enable the UMA. Because when I just used the cincinnati bell certificate ( same one I used in escreen set up thing) it never worked. I would just show EDGE and wifi, but never UMA. Well I hope this helps any one that has a UMA enabled phone and has a unlocked phone using Cincinnati bell and having the same problem.
    03-12-10 02:06 AM
  19. CellUnlock.net's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing. I'm sure a lot of other members will appreciate.
    03-12-10 09:14 AM
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    Been trying to get this to work on Cincinnati Bell Wireless and finally figured out there was a typo in his instructions it's segw0.uma.gocbw.com not (segwo.uma.gocbw.com) as listed above. If you have tried this and haven't been able to get it to work this might be why. Also you can have someone you know even a CBW sales rep go into the key store on their phone, hit the BB key and select send to and have them send the certificate to your PIN or email this should work also without having the phone there to backup like the original poster did.
    05-17-10 05:00 PM