1. Latviandancer's Avatar
    I got all my codes from CrackBerryUnlocking.com

    I thought I followed directions properly, and here are the staps I have take:

    1) Typed the mep2 code (JUST THE NUMBERS) and hit enter twice
    2) Typed the IMEI code (JUST THE NUMBERS) and hit enter once
    3) As per directions bellow I typed "MEP2" and then typed the code - please note the when typing MEP2 the letters did not show up so for the letter "E" the number 2 came up, as for "M,P" nothing happened
    4) It went down to 6 tries but I proceeded to do the same for MEP4 and the same thing happened as the line above
    5) Down to 5 tries and waiting

    Also I would like to mention I am on a Canadian network, with Bell Canada.

    I have been in contact with support, and here was my initial problem:

    "I am trying to ulock a Bold 9700, I have all the codes but it has rejected both of them. It says "Enter Service Provider MEP code (7 left)" I tried both MEP 2 (as per direction to enter that code first) and then I tried the IMEI code that was provided in the email. Can you please confirm which I need to use first of if there is another code I need to get. "

    Can anyone help me? I need this done in less than 20 hours...going to europe and want my phone to work.
    06-26-13 07:51 PM
  2. SCrid2000's Avatar
    Have you called T-MOBILE or gone in to a store? A 9700 they might just do for you for free. I know you bought an unlock code, but might be easier to have them do it.
    06-27-13 09:13 PM

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