1. kundu's Avatar
    I've been unsuccessful unlocking my T-Mobile Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 at more than one of the sellers on eBay that advertise unlocking the 8220 for around $20.

    I have been told by them that the unlock code is "Not Found" on T-Mobile server but in order for them to unlock it they need to do it on the "International Server" which costs close to $40 and takes "up to 2 weeks".

    Does this sound right? Just wondering if anyone else experienced this and if it makes sense.

    11-15-08 02:01 AM
  2. mark s's Avatar
    I am certainly no expert on the subject but it does sound like bull**** to me. I have unlocked an 8220 and I purchased it from gsm phonesource. Quick turn around and reliable service. Maybe try to get your money back and go there. As far as the intl thing goes maybe one of the more seasoned BBers can enlighten both of us.

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    11-15-08 03:45 PM
  3. benzworm's Avatar
    ya, i think if it is t-mobile branded, then they should be able to find the unlock code
    11-15-08 04:39 PM
  4. kundu's Avatar
    Thanks guys. The strange thing is that I asked about 6 sellers and they all told me the same thing!
    11-16-08 12:07 AM
  5. stevec_ny's Avatar
    I've heard of this happening with new phones, where only about half the codes are in the database. If you don't mind waiting a while to unlock it, it will eventually show up. I had the same issue with gsmphonesource trying to unlock my AT&T Tilt when it first came out.

    That said, I got my 8220 unlock code from gsmphonesource in about a day, & I have an AT&T SIM in it now.
    11-16-08 02:06 PM