1. juKe187's Avatar
    So, I'm almost certain that I am going to wait for the hopefully Oct. 2nd release of the Bold to AT&T, and if I do purchase it with the 2 year contract extension at the reduced price, can I still unlock the phone? I have heard some people say that they unlocked their phones through their carriers... is this possible? Are there definite known solutions to unlocking an AT&T Bold (I go overseas a decent amount)?

    Also if I were to buy a currently unlocked (or one that I can unlock myself) rogers branded phone, are there any other sites that sell at the $650 standard that are not eBay, but actual companies? I'm not trying to pay via paypal but with a credit/debit card on site.

    feel free to msg me or post on here with any help,
    09-15-08 02:30 PM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry.

    Some carriers refuse to release lock codes, Rogers is one of them.

    AT&T has a far more reasonable philosophy, they will supply it on request. They require your IMEI number and will email it in short order.

    As for finding a cheap Bold, there not much chance of that in the near future. The carriers that do have them, charge a premium for buying one off contract.
    09-15-08 03:09 PM