1. ejbaumcratz's Avatar
    I bought a unlocked 8320 T-Mobile Curve off eBay. I use AT&T. I put my sim card in and I can make calls and surf the internet. My old phone was an iPhone. SO I have the data plan for it.

    I tried to use applications like Facebook and it gives me an error of... the program requires a data connection. (But i do, I have it and WiFi enabled) I also do not have an email setup icon to set email up.

    Do I have to register it with AT&T? Is that possible? I think I did try to register it but get an error text back. Please HELP!
    09-25-09 07:24 PM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    You need a BLACKBERRY data plan to get BlackBerry Data features on a BlackBerry.

    Call the carrier and have them change your data plan.
    09-25-09 07:35 PM