1. mustangboy88's Avatar
    I have both of our phones unlocked and are going to be switching them over to TMO. 2 questions as I am new to this unlocking approach.

    1. I have been googling anything about how the 9550 is on TMO and the only thing I see is a Circuit failure. And this appears common, however the posts that these show up on are from back in November when the 9550 was released. Is this still an issue or has it been fixed?

    2. We are not too worried about dropping to EDGE as really all we want to do with it now is text and we will use WIFI when we are at home. So this question is basically from reading the forums. Is it possible to just get voice and text? And will we be able to get picture texts without being on a BB Data Plan?

    Thanks for anyone who contributes to this thread.
    02-02-10 11:50 PM
  2. CarrierUnlock's Avatar
    No clue if it has been fixed yet. If it hasn't voice will continue to be a issue. Picture messaging requires a BB Data Plan sorry

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    02-03-10 12:10 AM