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    spy secret mobile : 599 USD ( INCLUDING SHIPPING )
    We supply spy mobile
    What is spy mobile :
    This is a 3G mobile manifactured in china . This mobile phone can help you listen to others conversations with out knowing them as well as you can read their text messages , you can aslo use this spy mobile as a normal mobile , the best function of this mobile is if the target mobile phone has a camera it can open the camera and watch around with the best quality with out knowing to them , you can also hear the target mobile phones sorroundings even the mobile phone is switched off ( till the batter is in the mobile ) if the target mobile during the conversation if they type something in the mobile you can also see that its totally spy mobile set you can also use this mobile as the normal mobile can also find the number location with the help of satellite positioning on gps .

    How this works :
    this mobile works with the concept of network interception , our mobile phone is installed with the network interception device in it it intercepts the any network easily and fastly .

    How to use :
    on the mobile then you get two options . network mobile , spy mobile , if you enter the network mobile it works as a normal mobile with a simcard , if you enter spy mobile it asks you a number for verification that we provide you after this you need to enter the location it searches all the networks and intercepts them it takes time around 15 minuts depending on th number of networks in your location . type any number you want to spy on check the options , gps location , converation , sms , camera , so on when ever the target number get a call your spymobile activates and rings if you want to hear it real time you can or you can record it the phone has inbuilt memory 8 gb it can record conversationas up to 320 hours .
    we can programme any mobile you preffered in to spy mobile
    price differs for different mobiles

    You Get : Mobile phone
    usb data cable
    anti-spy ( for spy mobile not to be spy by others )
    user's guide

    contact : sunny
    : enquirymobile@yahoo.com
    12-02-09 09:20 AM
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    +1 for grammar and spelling

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    12-02-09 09:43 AM
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    sounds legit sign me up

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    12-04-09 04:38 PM
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    Lt. Amos: See, that's the difference between a great investigator like me, and a piece of spam like you.
    Ford Fairlane: Spam? You're a piece of spam. That's what I think of you.
    Lt. Amos: No, I call you a piece of spam, 'cos that's what you are.
    Ford Fairlane: Spam
    12-04-09 05:00 PM
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    He's right, it's not just close-ups. And what do we have here, Spy v. Spy types who always take pictures of documents? I can count the times that I've had to do that on one hand. I use my BB spy camera to take pictures of other things, as most people do -- including "business people" who are wrongly supposed to be above or to not care about the camera -- and the EDoF camera on the 9900 is decidedly inferior for those purposes.
    10-30-11 09:48 PM
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    It sound like da gud deal!

    (Please apply chinese accent while reading)
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    10-30-11 10:02 PM