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    I bought an sprint tour off craiglist and am trying to use it in India with a Vodafone SIM with BlackBerry data plan. The phone accepts the SIM, registers with the network and I am able to send Text SMS as well as Browse the web as well as use 3rd party apps that make use of data.

    Under Options>Advanced>SIM>MEPD it shows everything as Disabled. There is no "Activation Required" written anywhere. So the phone seems to be unlocked.

    However, I am not able to make or receive calls. It simply disconnects as soon as the calling screen comes. Also, the number appears to be not reachable from other phones.

    Am I missing something or is the phone really not unlocked yet? Is there a solution?

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    10-11-09 02:28 AM
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    Maybe your carrier blocks service from foreign carrier devices.
    10-11-09 03:08 PM
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    10-12-09 10:06 PM
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    I was in India just this summer with a tour. It seems that Vodafone India blocks foreign Blackberry's to promote their own branded devices. This was explained to me while I was in a Vodafone store.
    10-12-09 10:42 PM