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    okay hey guys i need some help, so i got this att blackberry 8310 off my friend for free and bought a unlock code for it the code was accepted but this is the problem when i put in my sim all i get is the sos icon:/
    i have a att sim card that i just got today its a prepaid one but that shouldnt matter since its unlocked.
    so what can i do to fix this?

    Please help me:[
    btw the sim car is new!

    really 131 views and no one can help
    ive pulled the battery
    sim card is in correctly
    and my manage connections is on
    and it reads that its an att network provider but it wont get service
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    07-25-10 05:27 AM
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    are you in an area that is supported by at&t's network?
    07-25-10 05:43 PM
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    yeah i am.... its so stupid:[
    07-25-10 09:08 PM