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    OK, I know there have been other posts discussing this so PLEASE don't blast me. In fact, others here have claimed to successfully done it BUT I am asking if any unlocking service (i.e. GSMPhonesource, etc.)will be selling SIM unlocking codes for the Verizon Storm. I'm asking because if your NOT a Verizon account holder its impossible for you to call Global Support and request the unlock code. So, any ideas my fellow crack-addicts? Thanks in advance....
    11-22-08 04:21 PM
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    Come on I know I'm not the only Non-Verizon person who was able to get their hands on a Storm... anyone have any ideas on what unlocking service would be selling the code???
    11-23-08 07:04 AM
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    thanks for starting this thread. No you are not the only person who is in this situation... I am also in a similar situation. I still haven't received my phone and will do so sometime next week

    I am also trying hardware unlock route...please check my other thread
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    11-23-08 07:25 AM
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    Why dont you both just wait and check back in a week or two? No one outside of the carrier is going to have those codes a day or two after launch especially considering how hard the phones are to come by. Its also very possible that NO ONE outside of VZW will ever have those codes for the forseeable future. My old blackberry was the 8830 and I was the first in here to have that unlocked but it was done by VZW. To this day there is still no outside vendor with unlock codes for this phone and its been well over a year. Quite simply you just may be screwed and wasted alot of money unless you find a way to get the code for that BB out of verizon.
    11-23-08 07:43 AM