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    hi, i am new to the forums and have been a long time iphone user. i am on att and know a decent amount on unlocking phones and service providers. because att chargers the 30 dollar bis plan for any blackberry on their service, i decided to buy an unlocked rogers 9000 so that the serial numbers and imei would come up as unregistered in the att network, making att unable to force me into a plan. i have the $10 data plan on att. i have seen online that the bb browser, bbm, and other apps that require bis will not work. i was wondering if there were any problems with other apps or the app market that are similar to this, and if there are any work arounds them. i am assuming that as long as i change the network settings to att's, the data will work fine. if you have any help or information relevant to this that i might need to know, please enlighten me .

    and ps, im sorry if there are threads similar to this. i have looked but because i am new to the bb world a lot of it is confusing to me to piece together from different threads. thanks!
    01-10-10 03:48 PM
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    An unlocked phone from any carrier will work on ATT using an ATT SIM.
    The ATT $10 data plan will not give you Blackberry BIS services.
    For that you need is an ATT BB email and/or Internet plan.
    When you load the latest OS, just make sure you delete the vendor file.
    Then, download the service books from ATT and everything will be fine.
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    01-10-10 07:47 PM
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    U can do browsing on opera, but not the stock browser. I dun think any instant messengers work on BB without BIS

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    01-10-10 08:34 PM