1. ukcatsb4hawks#CB's Avatar
    What are the ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES to unlocking my AT&T Bold?
    03-11-09 11:13 PM
  2. miketlo's Avatar
    there are simply no disadvantages
    03-11-09 11:22 PM
  3. Tronyx's Avatar
    Allows you to use the phone with other carriers and as the above poster said, there are no disadvantages with it. It doesn't void anything, doesn't remove any functionality. There's only good things to unlocking.

    03-11-09 11:27 PM
  4. ukcatsb4hawks#CB's Avatar
    So would I still be able to use AT&T functions like Cellular Video? And does unlocking the phone increase it's resale value?
    03-11-09 11:31 PM
  5. Tronyx's Avatar
    Yes, you could still use all of AT&Ts features and yes, it increases the value of the phone because you can sell it to almost anyone instead of someone who has just AT&T.

    03-11-09 11:39 PM
  6. ukcatsb4hawks#CB's Avatar
    Thanks for your help!
    03-12-09 12:11 AM
  7. ukcatsb4hawks#CB's Avatar
    I'm sorry... one more question... should I do a back up before unlocking?
    03-12-09 12:16 AM
  8. Tronyx's Avatar
    No need. It doesn't install or uninstall anything, you'll be fine.

    03-12-09 12:18 AM
  9. ukcatsb4hawks#CB's Avatar
    Thanks again bro!
    03-12-09 12:20 AM
  10. Tronyx's Avatar
    Not a problem. Don't ever hesitate to ask anything. If I don't know the answer I will either help you find it or point you to someone who can help.

    03-12-09 12:23 AM
  11. ATLROCKERGIRL's Avatar
    does unlocked blackberries still have to delete the vendor files when upgradin' to a beta or official OS? i havent read this question anywhere and i was just wonderin'.
    03-12-09 01:49 AM
  12. carbide50's Avatar
    Yes, you will still need to delete the Vendor.xls file when upgrading/downgrading to any OS other than the one your carrier has officially released for the model you're using. Unlocking your BlackBerry does not affect this at all.


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    03-12-09 02:16 AM
  13. ATLROCKERGIRL's Avatar
    thanks a bunch. i was just about to upgrade to .247 and wasnt sure.
    03-12-09 02:21 AM
  14. carbide50's Avatar
    No problem at all. Glad to have helped.


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    03-12-09 02:22 AM