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    Hi! I just bought a blackberry on kijiji because I'm travelling overseas to South Africa and the service there is primarily BlackBerry only. I have to buy my SIM card there, but I have to take an unlocked BlackBerry with me.

    The BlackBerry I just bought was advertised as unlocked from Telus (I live in Canada), but I'm not sure if it is. I went to the settings after I got home (I'm really new with this stuff and didn't know how to check it at the mall) and opened up the Identity and Associations and I see this:
    Network SubsetDisabled
    Service ProviderActive

    Now does this mean that my BlackBerry is still locked? I also don't have a SIM card to use if I wanted to attempt to unlock it myself, plus I'm nervous in case I'd screw everything up and hardlock the model. Would I be able to take this to a service and have it unlocked for me for a reasonable price?

    Thank you for your time! =)
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    02-22-13 11:21 PM
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    Hi Alix_taylor,

    Welcome to Crackberry!

    Yes, your Telus 9300 is still locked as it says active next to Service Provider

    You can ask Telus for the unlock code or buy one and enter it in the phone.


    02-23-13 05:01 PM
  3. Alix_taylor's Avatar
    Okay doke! Thanks a bunch, I'll be getting in contact with them then! =D
    02-24-13 02:05 AM
  4. BlackberryCodeSource's Avatar
    No problem!

    Good Luck!
    02-24-13 05:13 PM
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    Just to let you know when the Service Provider lock is active, you'll need the unlock code often labelled "MEP4" - that's the code that removes that specific lock.

    If you try to use the code labelled "MEP2" which most people do, that will attempt to remove the Network lock, which isn't active on your phone.

    All the best.
    02-26-13 06:13 AM

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