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    hi all,m sorry if this has been posted elsewhere. read a few threads and couldn't get the answer i was looking for. i am trying to unlock a torch 9810. got the unlock codes from cellunlocker.net and do not seem to be working. the phone asks me for the "service provider MEP code". they gave me an 8 digit NCK code and an 8 digit SP code. i have tried both in various combinations and they do not seem to work. I am down to 3 more tries.
    here is there instructions/directions:

    There are Multiple Unlock Codes Above, which One is it?
    If you only received 1 Unlock Code, Don't worry about this part, use the code provided above. Or if the Unlock Codes above contain the words "Preferred" OR "Other Codes" try using those codes first.

    * Unlock Code is Normally the NCK Code or MEP2 code
    The MEP2 Code is the Second Set of Number! MEP4 is the Fourth Set of Numbers!

    SIM Code ...: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.......... MEP1
    NCK Code ...: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX .......... MEP2 <== Network Unlock Code (MEP2)
    Subset Code : XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX .......... MEP3
    Prov Code ..: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX .......... MEP4 <== Service Provider Code (MEP4), if required only
    Corp Code ..: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX .......... MEP5

    ..... SIM Code ...: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.......... MEP1 NCK Code ...: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.......... MEP2 Subset Code : XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.......... MEP3 Prov Code ..: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.......... MEP4 Corp Code ..: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.......... MEP5
    * Some Blackberry phones need the Prov Code or MEP4 (Service Provider) code, normally Telus, Koodo, and Bell Blackberrys.
    01-02-14 08:27 PM
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    Moved your thread to the appropriate subforum, perhaps get an answer a little quicker. Hope it helps!
    01-02-14 11:39 PM
  3. stroker383's Avatar
    thank you!
    01-02-14 11:46 PM
  4. stroker383's Avatar
    cellunlocker.net never responded to my emails. that was a waste of money. but James from blackberrycodesource.com got me through it. the codes and instructions from blackberrycodesource.com were clear and concise and they worked! Highly recommend them.
    01-08-14 03:23 PM

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