1. drcliff's Avatar
    Purchased an unlocked code for my Rogers 9000 bold from global unloc, gave the EMEI number by copying it from inside of the case. purchased the code via the Internet and when it arrived did not notice they had given me AT & T. as the carrier. Went back to the website and noted it default's to that name, when I received the code tried to enter and it did not work. Had 4 or 5 e-mails from them trying to get it to work mentioning in the e-mails that I had Rogers carrier. Finally telephoned them and talked to them directly and they said that the code had been given for a T. & T. and I would have to re-purchased another code. I guess I was a bit nave and did not notice the default for AT. & T. and when I tried this time to change it to Rogers it would not do so. I feel I have been ripped off by them and have sent another e-mail to which they did not respond. What do others think should I be upset or is this all my fault. they say on their website satisfaction guarantee but obviously don't live up to the reputation. It's only a small amount of money but I hate being ripped off. They have spent at least that amount conversing with me and it is obvious the code is not for me to use on another phone so they wouldn't be getting taken advantage. Good Page Ranking would tell me that they should reissue a new unlocked code. O. well I guess good business practice is not what everyone can achieve.
    04-24-09 07:30 PM
  2. LondoJowo's Avatar
    I just went to their site and don't understand how you ordered the wrong unlock code. Unlike most products you buy that can be sent back to a supplier, the unlock code is tied to your phone and can't be used by anyone else. This is why globalunlock won't reimburse your money and is requiring you to purchase a new unlock code.

    04-24-09 08:07 PM