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    hiya everyone, this is my first time to come to this website. I bought my bold from T-mobile a week before. yesterday i went on unlock-network.com to buy a unlock code for my bold, they give me 2 codes, code 1 have 10 digit and code 2 have 16 digit, im not too sure about what is the use of the code 1. Then i followed all the steps but its not working at all. I am going to type in what i did

    first i took out the sim card before i start anything
    then i went to the option page and then advance option
    go inside the sim card, there is just a blank page
    then i type in MEPE , then a box pop out and ask me to put in the MEP code, then type in the 16 digit code (code 2)
    after that its said code error then go back to the plain white page.

    I have a few questions about the steps
    do i really need to take out my sim card? or i have to put it bk in to do this? if i put my t-mobile sim card bk in, when i go on the sim card page it will not be just a blank page, and i will see the id and my phone number.
    do i need to turn off the radio?
    i dont know why they give me 2 codes, what is the use of the first one? coz i didnt type in at all.
    and i went on different website and see how people unlock their bold,
    they said after type in MEPE/MEPD it will come up a page like
    Sim - Disabled
    Network - Active
    Network Subset - Disabled
    Service Provider - Disabled
    Corporate - Disabled
    but i didnt see this page at all!
    The first time i type in MEPE then pop out a box to let me fill in MEP code, then i try the second time coz the code is not working, then i type in MEPD, but nth come up, and i dont know why.

    I hope someone can help me to fix it, coz i come from HongKong, and study in here, so i need to use my phone in HK as well. Thanks
    03-22-09 11:02 AM
  2. 8ball-mb's Avatar
    i did not remove the SIM when i unlocked mine...

    also, my unlock code is only 8 digits...

    maybe they sent you the wrong code?
    03-22-09 12:15 PM