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    We just got to phones switched over to Blackberry Torches this week (4 days ago) to be exact. The other user has been complaining about the wackiness of pocket dials, strange screens all from carrying his Torch in his front pocket as he did with his 8350i BB for 2 years. On At least 1 occasion I had to re-enable all of the Torch's radios. I figured, how'd he get those turned off?

    Well, today his phone pocket dialed me. I also observed while picking up my Torch being carful not go hit any touch screen buttons or even up/down volume the camera butttons, the torch went directly to the connections screen where you can turn the radios on or off.

    What gives?

    I'm probably going to buy a belt clip for my torch, but that's what I've done with my past 2 blackberries. I know my other user will not. He's already talking about getting rid of the torch.

    Are there any keyboard locks that work well? I have to say I've found my torch on so many different screens just from picking it up and putting it down. That's no fun.

    I'm sure others will benefit from knowing which locks work well for the Torch.


    10-23-10 06:02 PM
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    I like BEIKS Keyboard Locker. It allows you to designate another button for your unlock (I use the BB button) as well as customized "timeout" which will auto lock it. You can find it here..
    Welcome to BEIKS mobile! It comes with a free trial so you could at least test it out.

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    10-23-10 06:24 PM
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    Your friend could try the OEM leather pouch. For you, the OEM leather holster is great. I got mine the first day it was available on this site before it was available on the RIM site.
    10-23-10 06:25 PM
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    I opted for patternlock...

    Check this thread for discussion of pros/cons of this and other solutions: http://forums.crackberry.com/f209/to...unlock-511658/

    See my rant here on related pocket press issues:

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    10-26-10 03:05 PM