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    I haven't purchased a BBerry yet I posted initially as such to establish a Crackberry account..and here's my dilemma!

    I want to buy my first BB Bold 9000...I travel alot in asia where they use quadband unlocked phones buy simply inserting a Sim card and buying minutes to begin talking....
    Can I buy any unlocked BB Bold ...even if its AT&T or another US carrier originated...I see alot of BB bold phones on ebay and several second hand sites and I am now affraid that if I buy for eg...(an AT&T or T-mobile) logo and originated BB Bold that It will not work here in Asia or elsewhere...and I will have wasted alot of money.

    Please help someone I want to become a Crackberry guy for real!

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    09-27-09 09:14 AM
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    from my knowledge, if its unlock u can use it with other carriers like tmobile. just because it has the att logo doesnt mean u cant use it with other carriers. the logo is modifiable . look for an unlock unbranded bold if u dont want the logo.. bolds are sold only thru att and areunlocked to use elsewhere
    09-27-09 03:12 PM
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    I have an unlocked Bold from AT&T and use it with T-Mobile since T-Mobile doesn't carry it! I was in Dominican Republic 2 months ago and used a SIM card from over there with no problem...
    09-27-09 03:22 PM
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    Locked means that the original carrier that sold the phone puts a lock on use of the SIM card so that you can only use their card.
    Unlocked means that you can use the phone on any carrier's SIM card that has service for that phone.
    Other than that the phone operates the same 'locked' or 'unlocked'

    How do you get a phone to be unlocked?
    If you purchase the phone from a carrier they usually will give you the unlock code for free if you tell them you are planning overseas travel.
    If you have a locked phone from another source, do a search on this forum for 'unlock code' for the names of many Internet companies who do unlock service for about $15-20.

    Another point, if you purchase a used phone, make sure that the phone was not stolen and Blackberry has locked the phone's PIN (the phones unique personal identification number) so that it can not be used for BB service. The phone's PIN must be 'released' from their carrier so that you can register it on your carrier.
    09-27-09 03:31 PM
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    Thanks everyone that replied to me ...I'm on my way to buy a bold as we type!
    09-27-09 04:37 PM