03-30-09 04:49 PM
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  1. rinnr1's Avatar
    Well, just consider the fact that if you toss your phone in your pocket, there's a good chance something will hit that unlock button. Simple solutions... Maybe put it in pocket bottom-first, lock phone using password, put it in a holster that will put it to sleep, or, if you're unable to live with any of those solutions, might be time for you to get a flip phone
    Well if it's because it's in my pocket and I'm doing fine that is my fault but if it's doing it on it's own that is something different you shouldn't have to buy something to stop a phone from unlocking itself is my point.. If it's my HUGE pack of gum in my pocket that is doing it eh
    03-30-09 02:24 PM
  2. dumpyloser's Avatar
    Shouldn't have been talking about her... That solves the problem! She Probably deserves better

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    03-30-09 02:38 PM
  3. dbregman's Avatar
    Actually. Passwords can cause problems too
    How can passwords cause problems?
    03-30-09 02:54 PM
  4. brendanpsmith's Avatar
    that sucks. i agree do an update on the os
    03-30-09 03:21 PM
  5. snork's Avatar
    The fact that you have put a password on your phone or put it in a sleeve for the phone to stop unlocking itself and calling someone is Bull**it

    I look at my phone and sometimes I see it's unlocked in my pocket but I'm not sure its just my lock button hitting something when I sit down or while driving..

    But regardless this issue should be fixed without having to buy an app or put my phone in it's own bubble
    you see the little button on top? you hit that to lock it. if you accidentally hit it again, you unlock it. want to avoid that? put a password on it. if that's too much for you, go buy yourself a flip phone or stop putting it in your pocket.
    03-30-09 03:32 PM
  6. jmlowes's Avatar
    Go with the holster. You will prolong battery life, your HUGE pack of gum will not be able to call anyone, and you won't be slowed down having to enter a password or anything. That is the best solution in my opinion.

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    03-30-09 03:48 PM
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    Lol thanks for all the support. It's kind of worked out now. It's been good since yesterday (the phone), and I'm doing on some serious make up duty to get out of the dog house.

    For those that were curious, I was mad that I was getting hassled because I was going out of town suddenly to see family. Nothing fun or interesting...... if you give me some time I can make something up though that would be freakin awesome.

    Now, off to think of a story that involves The Color Purple, Windex, and a go go dancer...
    03-30-09 04:43 PM
  8. Bla1ze's Avatar
    P.s. If I called RIM do you think they'd patch things up with the misses?
    RIM only offers counseling such as the type you seek to employee's, just for you know..future reference.
    03-30-09 04:49 PM
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