1. zanski's Avatar
    Any help on this would be great. Ive tried to search online forums but you guys seem to be the smartest when it comes to phones period. Its a Motorola Razr V3 and its locked on Att and im trying to use it as a backup on T-mobile's flex play network. Any help would be great!!

    10-20-09 06:06 PM
  2. Artemis68's Avatar
    Google "AT&T Razr unlock code" or (even better) look on eBay.

    You can find unlock codes for 10 bucks or fewer. The seller will request your phone's IMEI and you give it them. Then they mail you the code really quickly with the unlocking directions.

    It's a one-time thing and the phone is unlocked forever. Def worth the $$ and everything will work!

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    10-20-09 07:12 PM
  3. jackm3's Avatar
    modmymoto.com is where you want to ask that
    10-20-09 07:12 PM
  4. TheRemoteUnlockercom's Avatar
    C'mon now guys..thats not nice! You shouldn't be sending the guy away from Crackberry.com! lol I'm just kidding.

    There are many unlockers on this board that can do it for you quick and cheap!! Let me know if you have any questions
    10-20-09 09:59 PM