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    Hello BB Gods newbie here needing help unlocking a verizon phone to tmobile.
    Here is everything I've done so far

    Removed IT policy, wiped.
    Got unlock code, entered and excepted
    Used the Crack uti pulled the file...went as stated
    Used the desktop manger...completed as stated
    Options-mobile network-network- changed mobile network to tmobile,change network selection to auto, network tech to GSM
    Entered the ##000000, changed the phone number on the first 2 lines..worked

    Still tells me I have no service???????

    Do I have to change anything else in the area when I do the ##000000?
    I ask because I still see some verizon items... listed below
    sip user id: still showing @vzw3g.com
    mip: show the same @vzw3g.com
    What about all the other items listed in that area?
    in advanced options-enterprise- I still see a pin# also

    please help this newbie
    10-31-09 08:58 AM
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    There is a thread that shows how to do everything. It seems you could be missing a minor step. double check.

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    10-31-09 10:38 AM
  3. waterwalker4's Avatar
    done that three times.....it now shows on the screent-mobile WAP? but still get no circut available. I did put my simm in, and i can get to the web
    10-31-09 10:57 AM
  4. waterwalker4's Avatar
    Please help !!!!!!!!!!!
    11-01-09 08:58 AM