1. h4mbon3s's Avatar
    hi guys, i just bought my first blackberry 2 days ago - i got a tour, and am loving it! just a quick question and sorry if this is in the wrong section or if i'm missing a sticky or something, but what does unlocking mean? i have sprint and i know i can get an unlock code for free, i'd just like to know what it does.

    thanks in advance.
    08-03-09 11:37 AM
  2. scook94's Avatar
    A locked phone is one that is locked to only one carrier, in your case Sprint. An unlocked phone allows you to use a SIM from any carrier.

    It's useful if you plan to take your BB abroad and use a "pay as you go" SIM from a carrier in the country you are visiting...
    08-03-09 11:43 AM