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  1. Wargear's Avatar
    I need a good phone for work. Im in construction and have busted 2 Blackberrys now and don't plan on breaking my new one. I plan to buy a constuction phone like the Motorola i580 that will take a beating. However, I live well outside of a Nextel/Sprint coverage area. I'm hoping I can buy the phone from them and use it with Verizon or ATT. Is this possible? I do live in their roaming area. Will being on roam full time cost me more like the old days?

    Many Thanks

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    09-22-09 12:55 AM
  2. xliderider's Avatar
    The Moto i580 is on the iDEN network, it won't work on Verizon (CDMA) or AT&T (GSM).

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    09-22-09 01:06 AM