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    Here is the whole story: I received a 9530 Storm from an old friend, he used to have verizon, there is still a verizon sim card in there. The number attached to the sim card has been ported over to another carrier and hasn't been in service with Verizon for a year at least. Now I just want to find the IMEI for the phone so that I can lawfully unlock it, however I can not get the IMEI, and I have tried absolutely everything. There is the MEID code on the device underneath the battery but I have no idea if that even helps at all. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

    Please ignore all of the above, I am a dunce and have solved my own errors.
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    06-01-11 04:23 PM
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    From the the dialpad just type *#06# and your imei should appear. Hope that helps.
    06-01-11 10:36 PM
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    You can use any of those ways to find the IMEI number:
    1) dial *#06# - the IMEI will appear on screen.
    2) under the battery - try to look if there is a small sticker, somewhere you will see in small letters IMEI: XXXXXXXXXXX
    3) Go to "options" > "status" on your blackberry - you can find the IMEI there.

    After unlocking your blackberry you will need a GSM sim card, the verizon sim you have in your device is a "overseas" sim that used for verizon users that traveling overseas.

    Good luck.
    06-02-11 10:26 PM
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    Going to options and then status will get you the same info
    06-03-11 01:07 AM
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    yes you can select any of the 3 options mentioned by blackberry-unlocking710...
    07-30-11 11:54 AM
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    I hate give an old thread a second bump but it's here so I'm going to toss this info out there since it's repeatedly ignored.....do not post your IMEI number here in the forum!
    07-30-11 11:23 PM