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    i have a unlocked blackberry storm 9530 that im trying to use on t-mobile services but i cannot get some functions to work well. i got the browser and service books loaded onto it. ok so any app that pulls up the verizon screen kicks me back down to the edge instead of EDGE. i have tryed to swap the radio tryed different settings and still always does the same thing. i am currently trying to down grade the os software to see if that helps. its the small apps that do it like the email setup but those little things are part of why a blackberry is a blackberry well if any one can help please do.

    ok so i down graded the os to ...075 and everything worked with no prob except the phone has constant and very random reboots i have tryed the different swap radio and they still didnt work i reloaded the 4.7.148 os and my phone went back to how it was before with that branded screen so some of the apps dont work but it doesnt reboot every hour can ne one help with like a flawless setup or any thing that might work i have tryed the ptalor howto-get-all-features-browser-mms-working-t-mobile-w-unlocked-storm-95xx and it didnt do much i ve always used blackberrys just not unlocked ones so this is really driving me nuts
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    Have you seen this guide?


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    i did try that early on i just have no clue another thing that happened when i used the old os the battery went dead in like 4 hrs
    09-15-09 11:49 PM