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    Ok, so I know Telus users are wondering about unlocking the storm and how it works, but don't want to try it for themselves. Here's the details on my experience. Try at your own risk, Telus does not endorse or "allow" this.

    I unlocked my storm 9530 with Horizon Wireless Online. Cost about $70. I went to a Rogers store, used one of the employee's personal Sim cards from his BB. I had full data coverage immediately, no problems.

    I crossed into the US, went to Tmobile and purchased a Sim card with a flexpay BB data plan. The Rep wasn't at all knowledgable about unlocked phones. He had never even seen a CDMA phone that had a Sim card slot. He did help me though, but only because I had done the research and knew exactly what I needed.

    When he sold me the Sim he had to scan an IMEI number. For some reason he insisted on using a store BB instead of mine. I installed the Sim card and switched to GSM/UMTS. I had immediate voice coverage, but no data. He said it was normal to take a couple of hours for data coverage. I left the store and waited a few hours. Still no data coverage. I called Tmobile and asked for a BB data specialist. After getting transferred she was somewhat knowledgable. I asked her if the IMEI had anything to do with it and she said that was the problem, changed it to my IMEI number right away.

    I got the EDGE connection, opened browser and immediately it changed to edge. (For anyone who doesn't know, capital letters indicate good data connection, lower case letters indicate no data). Throughout the process I spoke with Tmobile BB data specialist, and then a RIM call centre tech person. A note of interest, when I spoke to RIM they were able to see my OS version, and asked me how I got version .148 on a Telus phone. She was truly surprised that I was able to access something besides the official. I think I heard her jaw hit the desk when I told her that 5.0 hybrids were floating around.

    After some experimentation here's the scoop. The BB browser immediately crashes the data connection. The only way to get it back is to reset the phone. Facebook & BB messenger work fine, no problems whatsoever, however once in a while my contacts show as unreachable...just one contact, not all of them. That might be a coincidence.

    Opera mini is able to get a connection fine, but there is no storm version that I can find, so there are some quirks. The EDGE connection seems just as fast or perhaps faster than my Telus connection in Nova Scotia.

    Push email is an interesting one. I have two email settings icons in my setup folder now. One of them opens the BB browser and data connection crashes. The other opens the BIS application, and it is fine except my login for Telus BIS doesn't work, and I can't create a new login because it says my PIN is locked to a different carrier.

    Here's the interesting part though. I am still getting my emails. I can't respond to them, I can't compose new emails, I can't forward or reply or anything, but all the new emails come in consistently. Another weird thing is that the phone doesn't vibrate at all when a new email arrives...just when I take out my phone there is a new message there. Facebook and BB messenger do still seem to notify on a new message though.

    Since doing this, I would make a different suggestion to anyone who travels to the US often. Verizon has good prices on Canada plans. Go purchase a Verizon phone with a Canada plan and the only drawback is a US phone number.

    If Blackberry is reading this, I would strongly suggest offering your full price phones not locked to any carrier...I would gladly pay more to have a phone that I could take from carrier to carrier at will when I travel without paying massive charges.

    In order to get the functionality I have I had to use the thread in the storm forum on getting everything working on Tmobile, including getting the Tmobile service books.
    06-17-09 07:59 PM
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    Thanks for this update!
    06-17-09 09:44 PM
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    I have been debating unlocking my Storm four my travels stateside. Still thinking about it
    06-17-09 11:43 PM
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    I've unlocked mine and I use a pay as you go t-mobile sim card. I haven't much use for anything other than voice and txt in the US. Plus with my txt plan i've got unlimited txting so just gotta live without data while i'm in the US, or go with the whole "I was near the border" arguement with telus :P
    06-18-09 01:23 AM