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    Try this:

    There is a conflicting drive mapping in Microsoft Windows between the media card and another resource.


    Note: To complete this resolution, the BlackBerry smartphone user must have administrator rights on the computer.

    1. Open the Computer Management console on the computer by navigating to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management.
    2. If another resource is mapped to the same drive letter as the media card (such as a network drive), change the drive mapping for the removable media. To perform this, complete the following steps:
    1. Right-click on the removable media item and select Change Drive Letter and Paths.
    2. Select the current drive letter, and change it to an unused letter.
    I just wanted to add to this series of posts. I'd been having trouble connecting to my microSD card through Desktop Manager (and the Media Manager feature) recently. I'd searched all over and only seen 'I have the same problem, no idea how to fix it'.

    I want to say the above post fixed the issue. I'd put another hard drive in my computer and, after partitioning it, had run out of drive letters. I think this caused a conflict with the previously mapped letter that my phone used when connecting to my computer. After following the suggestion from SK1 I was able to see the card as an unmounted volume. I just picked a now available drive letter and it solved the issue.

    I doubt everyone having this issue had a similar chain of events get them to problem, but if you feel like you've literally tried everything (updating Windows, updating Desktop Manager, rebooting Windows, rebooting your phone, etc.), try this out. If Windows doesn't at least see the microSD card as a volume, then I think the problems run deeper.

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    This worked for me and my 8320. Uninstall all USB Drivers for your 8320 (needs to be plugged in), uninstall DM, install DM that came on disc in your BB box, restart computer. Plug in BB, and see if the drivers will install properly without opening DM.

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