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    Hello to all. I currently have a Z10 and I'm one of the lucky customers on AT&T. I'm still on 10.1 and I'm down to what I think is my last option. I have tried Sachesi and that didnt work out for me (device wouldn't connect and after hours of researching, uninstalling, reinstalling, and all that good stuff I left it alone). And I can't use autoloaders since I have mac. That leaves me with what I think is my last option, unlocking my phone and using a Canadian sim card to update my phone.

    I've called AT&T to request an unlock code and was denied twice (two different reps) because I'm still under contract. I've asked to speak to a technician and they claim that it's handled online only so that went nowhere. I called a local cell phone shop and they want $60 to unlock my phone. I've google'd phone unlock services and honestly I'm little iffy about the whole thing.

    Which brings me to the point of this thread, I would like feedback and possible suggestions of reliable / trouble-free / trustworthy sites from those of you that have used a 3rd party site to unlock your BlackBerry 10 device. A combination of your experiences and site reviews will help me with a decision.Thanks in advance.

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    04-08-14 04:05 PM
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    Sorry for the double post. Crackberry was stuck on the loading screen so I back out to try again and found out it posted anyway. Mods please close or delete if possible

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    04-08-14 04:30 PM

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