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    I need advice please! Ill pay.... & Its true, I'm hot. The dilemma is.... Long story short.. I have an 8830 on boost & a tour previously on sprint- I want the boost to work on T mobile to give to my friend (1st bb) I want the tour to work on boost ( I know, I know) can any of you wonderful people help?

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    10-08-10 06:47 PM
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    Wow. Sweetie. It's a good thing that you are pretty.

    Here's the thing.

    Boost (and Sprint) are what's called CMDA networks. It's the technology they use.

    TMobile (and AT&T) are GSM networks. It's a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT technology.

    The BlackBerry 8330 (assuming that's what you meant) is a CMDA only device. There is absolutely no way to make that device work on a GSM network such as TMobile. No tricks. No hacks. Nothing. The hardware is incompatible.

    Now, the BlackBerry Tour (9630) has both CDMA and GSM radios. It can be unlocked and used on a GSM network such TMobile. Most of the Sprint Tours are already unlocked. You need to follow the steps to check to see.

    However, in order to use the Tour 9630 on Boost, you will need to have the device FLASHED. Based upon the title of your thread, your best bet is just to call Boost and ask them about flashing the device.
    10-08-10 07:01 PM
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    I know it was cute wasn't it? No, I could throw up myself. Thank You for your quick response. Ok I'm understanding it a little better now. Could you recommend something to read on the subject? Crackberry is so huge it gets a little distracting...

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    10-08-10 08:00 PM
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    This 8330 I'm on is my 6th Bb and I knew the tour inside and out. I recognize all the networks because I've seen them all on my tour in the "manage connections" Correct me if I'm wrong, it works on any of them. They are interchangeable. That's what I love about people who know everything!

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    10-08-10 08:10 PM
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    8830 will work on GSM, but doesn't support US GSM frequencies. The Tour would work voice/text on Boost once flashed, but you will not get any BlackBerry Native Applications.
    10-09-10 11:14 PM
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    Thank you.

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    10-10-10 02:34 AM
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    Imo the tour doesn't need to be flashed if its a Sprint phone. Boost is owned by Srint
    10-10-10 12:19 PM
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    This made me laugh.
    10-10-10 12:44 PM
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    me too lol....i'm wondering how pretty one should be before they tell other people they're pretty

    Wonder if I qualify...not 'pretty'...but you know..handsome?
    10-11-10 11:06 PM