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    Hey Everyone,

    Great News! Our T-Mobile Rep hit us up earlier today with a T-Mobile Blackberry 9780 Unlock request and guess what? SUCCESS! Same process as all other Blackberry phones. Codes are available for the 9780 regardless of the provider the phone will be from.

    The Blackberry Bold 9780 is scheduled to be officially launched in approximately 2 weeks by most carriers.

    Regardless of the provider your Blackberry 9780 comes from, it can still be unlocked and used with any other GSM carrier.

    Let us or any unlocker here in the forums know if you need any help unlocking your Blackberry 9780 or if you have any questions.

    Enjoy your Blackberry 9780 & make sure to let us know when you get it!
    11-01-10 09:02 PM
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    Anyone get their hands on a 9780 yet?
    11-03-10 05:24 PM
  3. unlockthatphonecom's Avatar
    We don't quite have the hook ups you to cellunlock but we are definately getting excited for the release and proving codes for them.

    If anyone needs Unlock codes from us, before mentioned, or any other unlockers please feel free to contact us or check out our signature

    p.s. we are picking one up the day it comes out and are going to go wild!!!
    11-05-10 09:31 AM
  4. CellUnlock.net's Avatar
    Should be the best Blackberry available Love my 9700 so this will be even better!
    11-05-10 09:33 AM