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    It seems every unlocker has the same instructions to "hold the ALT key while typing..." but have never actually used a touch screen BlackBerry and don't realize there isn't an ALT key.

    While trying to unlock my 9860, I found instructions on these forums but closed my browser and couldn't find them again for some reason. When I find the original thread, I will post it here and give credit!

    1) Go to Options -> Device -> Advanced System Settings -> Sim Card
    2) Type "mepd". If your phone is locked you will see "Active" or "Enabled" beside "Network".
    3) PRESS &%123 to switch to numeric keyboard then HOLD &%123 and type MEP. Release &%123 (switches to numeric again) and type 2. Prompt for unlock code will appear.

    Speaking of unlockers - I didn't like that some of the guys on Crackberry don't give you a price until you've entered all your info (including email) and then send you follow up emails asking why you didn't complete your order - and then responses bounce! Weak. I got my code from FreeMyBlackBerry.com - their price is right (free or $4), they respond quickly and emails to their tech support don't bounce!
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    10-25-11 11:16 PM
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    Thread found:

    Thanks to jelpesao and danp2000!!
    10-26-11 05:48 PM