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    A friend of mine just gave me a new 8100 since i hate my 8220, and told me that i can keep it as long as i can figure out a way to unlock it. He got the phone from ebay. I've been reading up on how to unlock it, and i figured it out but the only problem is that i need an unlock code. Normally i would just call the locking service provider but this one is "Telcel" and it's some kind of South American provider that's all in spanish.

    Is there anyway to get an unlock code from these people without speaking spanish or any other way to get one?

    Let me know..
    much appreciated <3
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    I have edited your BIS email address, the last thing you want is SPAM being set to that address.

    Unlocking phones is a small industry. There are many companies that will provide an unlock code for a fee.

    Many of them offer free promotional codes for a limited period of time. You will usually find them here in BlackBerry Discussion.
    08-01-09 12:05 PM
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    We can provide FAST Blackberry unlock codes, 2-30 min turnaround time (average time is less than 3 mins) Super long business Hrs: 9am-Midnight EST Daily
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