08-14-09 12:34 AM
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  1. Instantunlockcodecom's Avatar
    Try this on the phone. Make sure that is the imei on the back of the phone is the imei inside the phone..
    How to Get IMEI on BlackBerry Storm

    Go To Menu -> Options -> Status -> IMEI : (15 Digits - All Numbers )
    06-04-09 03:45 PM
  2. wonderingguy's Avatar
    Hey I just got Blackberry 8830 world edition with verison. I would like to unlock it to work with pre- paid, can i do that? sorry if you already talked about that I didn't want to read ALL of this forum.
    06-04-09 10:34 PM
  3. pilarcoriat's Avatar
    hi if i unlock my tmobile blackberry CAN I STILLUSING THIS WITH THE same sim car and use data ???
    06-12-09 04:08 AM
  4. ngreen's Avatar
    Yes once unlocked you can still use your original carriers service.
    06-12-09 07:32 AM
  5. pilarcoriat's Avatar
    thnks so last question my data will work as normal o something will change becouse i hear that ur data plan will sto working and that u onkly can send masseges
    06-12-09 09:04 PM
  6. ngreen's Avatar
    If you are going to tmobile you will have to have a BB data plan and have to download TMobile service books to get all data and email to work.
    06-12-09 09:07 PM
  7. antpet3's Avatar
    Hello I have a question for you. My wife's boss purchased 75+ Blackberry curve's for his drivers and found out that it would not work with his system because it would be to expensive to put the service you have to have with the blackberry for 75 people so now they are locked, is there any way these phones can be unlocked. They have never been activated.
    06-16-09 10:50 AM
  8. binhiddin's Avatar
    guys I am new on here I have a question, I purchase an already unlocked BB storm. My voice service works fine, however, I got my data package today with ATT and in the setup I am only seeing enterprise activation, none for personal email, after messing with it i got an email from someone else email address, it still has the previous owners email address set up on the device, is there a way i could change that to mine. thanks, btw i called RIM, what i need to be done is release the email address from the pin. they recommended i called the service provider.
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    06-18-09 11:41 AM
  9. kyoga's Avatar
    Hey, and the BB Bold???
    06-24-09 07:39 PM
  10. rainbeaudais's Avatar
    Hi.....sorry, I have read all the posts and am confused. I have a Blackberry Storm 9530. With Verizon. I am switching to ATT and want to sell my Storm. Will Verizon unlock the Storm for me before I close my account with them? If not, who would you recommend I have unlock it?

    I will sign up with ATT first to be able to port my number over.

    Also.....any recommendations of the Bold versus the Curve? I do not like the touch screen at all.....want to go back to a real keyboard.

    Mainly use the phone for internet, text, email and calls.

    07-17-09 12:13 AM
  11. cycotom's Avatar
    I just did this with my 8310. Called ATT, said I was going to a different country and needed the unlock code so I could use a local sim card...5 minutes later it was unlocked.
    07-21-09 12:50 AM
  12. prsche911's Avatar
    hey all, i recently purchased an unlocked 8310 (vodafone) to use with mobilink in pakistan, but when i got there they said tht the BB service was not unlocked, but i was able to make outgoin, and recieve incoming calls, anyone have any info?!
    07-21-09 04:02 AM
  13. astros2114's Avatar
    i have a blackberry storm and just got it i unlocked the phone because it wont let me enter another code into the phone well it worked good for a few hours and all of a sudden no network and it said sos and then i would have to turn it off and do it again and then it came on then off again so i messed with the network and changed it to 3 and 2g then to 3g then to 2g then i went to global then i went to 1xev and it still wont work tell me what im doing wrong so i can use the blackberry storm on my t mobile account thank you
    07-23-09 08:21 PM
  14. sonic_sagar's Avatar
    hi does verizon sends unlock code for storm for free
    07-31-09 01:54 PM
  15. Carnag3's Avatar
    You can unlock your phone by calling your carrier. If you can't you can use a 3rd party provider like one of us.
    07-31-09 02:33 PM
  16. jakeboyer11's Avatar
    No, Verizon and AT&T use different types of phones.
    Incorrect....the World Edition is CDMA/GSM capable because it's a global phone. The user would just need to change the network after it's been unlocked from CDMA to GSM.
    07-31-09 06:03 PM
  17. bsantiag's Avatar
    How do I unlock a blackberry storm?
    08-01-09 12:34 AM
  18. Lost Berry's Avatar
    I too am new to these forums and have read through this entire post. I'm wondering how I might go about unlocking my Blackberry Storm as well. I'm on the Telus network and plan on travelling abroad in a few short days. I'm also curious as to whether or not I should buy a global SIM card before I travel or try and grab a local SIM card when I arrive. Any suggestions would be welcome.
    08-04-09 11:30 AM
  19. chadjensen211's Avatar
    I am reading alot of jabber about what unlocking is about and what it is good for. Alot of people know what it's about, but some don't. I just wanted to put in my two cents and try to clarify it for those who needed it. Almost all phones are locked to the carrier they are sold from. I currently work for a mobile phone company that sells unlocked GSM phones, which is very nice. The two kinds of networks used in the united states are CDMA and GSM. In my opinion GSM is the better of the two networks to use blackberries on and is much easier to travel overseas and transfer carriers with. This being because the most noticable difference between the two networks is that GSM uses a SIM card and CDMA does not. The SIM card is used to tell the phone what network to use and what the phone number is. These cards are very easy to use and can be transferred to different phones. When using a CDMA network the programming is done into the phone itself. Now when a GSM phone is locked whether it's to AT&T, T-Mobile, Cingular, or a handful of others only a SIM card from that network can be used, by unlocking that phone i could then use a SIM card from a completely different GSM carrier. For example, if I were to purchase a phone from AT&T and move to an area where there is no AT&T I could contact AT&T while service with them is still active, get the MEP code to unlock my phone, and sign up for service with another carrier and use their service utilizing a SIM card from their network. Or another example is to unlock a T-Mobile phone before flying to Europe and purchase a prepaid SIM for service over there.
    08-04-09 01:39 PM
  20. chadjensen211's Avatar
    I have searched around for global SIMs and the minute rate on global's are far more than just buying a local one when you land. If you're globetrotting the global is handy since it covers most of Europe, Middle East, and other areas. Plus you get the satisfaction of having it before you even leave the states. But for any avid traveller you know the real deals are found locally whenever you are abroad.
    08-04-09 01:43 PM
  21. Lost Berry's Avatar
    Ya thanks for the clarification Chad. My current carrier is CDMA based while my destination only uses GSM for it's cell phones. That's precisely why I was interested in unlocking the phone.

    As for SIM cards, I've been researching this most of the day and while I tend to agree that you are likely best off grabbing one at your local destination, I'm not so sure I trust my local destination to have a SIM card at a reasonable cost so I think once the phone is unlocked I'll grab a card locally here and buy the cheapest data plan I can so that I can at least text & PIN to home.
    08-04-09 01:55 PM
  22. prettyprob's Avatar
    Hello everyone. im pretty new to all the forums of blackberry PDAs and etc. But im Lost! i have a blackberry phone from att and im trying to unlock it to tmobile ..because of my sim card and plan i have with tmobile. any suggst?
    08-04-09 02:16 PM
  23. Branta's Avatar
    Some commercial posts have been removed. We don't have a problem with users who provide unlocking services if they are truly helping other members, but please avoid blatant sales activity and advertising.

    To remind everyone of the relevant parts of the rules:
    No Advertising Policy
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    Thanks, everyone!
    08-08-09 02:44 PM
  24. lilymoonsilver's Avatar
    Well, I bought a new 8830 World Edition phone from Verizon last week. (It has CDMA for US use, and GSM for international use.) I intended to call Verizon and ask them to unlock the phone for when I'm traveling at the end of the month.

    Before I called, I checked
    Options>Advanced Options>SIM Card
    and got the message
    "No Valid SIM Card"
    and, sure enough, there didn't appear to be a card in the SIM card slot when I checked.

    Puzzled, I called Verizon and asked to talk to Tech Support.

    Two things happened:

    1-The tech support guy said that some of the phones get sent out without a SIM card, but that I'm entitled to my first Verizon SIM card for free and he would send it out to me so that I'd get it by Wednesday (he also said I could get it handled asap if I went into a Verizon store, but I'm not in that much of a hurry).

    He explained that I need to have the Verizon SIM card installed in order to initially unlock the phone, and that once it's unlocked, I can take it out and use any other SIM card. He did say that I should keep the Verizon SIM card safe somewhere, in case I ever wanted to use it.

    2-He then told me to get paper and pencil and gave me complete step-by-step instructions for unlocking the SIM card, including the unique unlocking code I would need -- no wait, no hassle, I assume he had my phone info already in his database so I didn't need to give him my pin or my IMEI code.

    He was professional, knowledgeable, pleasant, and helpful.

    Note that when I called tech support my initial question was about how to unlock my SIM card and the TS guy didn't know what I was talking about, so I asked to talk with someone who knew what I meant. Long wait on phone, when he came back he said he was transferring me to their Global Department. So make sure that if someone you call doesn't understand what you want, ask to talk to someone in the Global Department.

    For those of you who're just learning about how all this works, most phones in the US are CDMA compatible -- they work in the US, Canada, Mexico, and are locked into the network you get your phone from (Verizon, t-mobile, etc.) Phones in the rest of the world are GSM compatible -- they can be operated on any network that you have a SIM card for, which you insert in a special slot under the battery in the back of the phone.

    The 8830 World Edition Verizon phone has both CDMA and GSM capabilities. When you're in the US/Mexico/Canada you set the phone to run on the CDMA "channel." But it also has a slot to insert a SIM card, which enables you to use it anywhere else in the world (just about everywhere) that's on the GSM "channel." You just need to have an appropriate SIM card installed.

    When you get this particular Verizon World Edition phone, it should come with a Verizon SIM card already installed -- and if you were buying it in a Verizon store they would put one in when you buy it -- but apparently when you order it from Verizon online they're sometimes shipped out without one. But you're entitled to a Verizon SIM card for free as part of the World Edition 8830 -- after all, that's the whole point of being a "world" phone-- and as I've just described, it was easy and trouble-free to get it.

    The important thing to understand is that -- once you've got a Verizon SIM card installed in your GSM-capable phone, you can go to Prague or Beirut or wherever, and the phone will work there.

    But with the Verizon SIM card inserted in your phone, Verizon's per-minute international calling fees are not all that cheap -- around $0.69 a minute for most "civilized" locations -- although still cheaper than buying and paying for a "temporary" travel phone.

    So, the reason why you would want to unlock your SIM card is so that you can actually remove the Verizon SIM card and buy and insert some other -- cheaper to use -- SIM card while you're traveling outside of the US/Canada/Mexico.

    There are many different options for buying SIM cards for travel -- which I won't go into here, except to point out that the two most common options are to (1) get an "international" SIM card that has possibly lower rates than the Verizon international SIM plans; or the usually much cheaper alternative, which is to (2) wait until you get to -- say -- Prague or Amsterdam and buy a local SIM card which will typically have much better rates for calling within the country, and may -- but not necessarily -- have better rates for calling back home. You can usually get these local SIM cards at major international airports before you head out for your journey.

    Hope this helps a little for folks who've been unclear about what this thread is all about.

    And note, that this is a success story about getting Verizon to unlock -- for free and no hassle -- my new 8830 World Edition phone.
    08-09-09 06:20 PM
  25. ngreen's Avatar
    You did a good job. One thing, you do not need a Verizon sim card to unlock phone, any sim card will do, active or inactive.
    Have a nice trip.
    08-09-09 06:30 PM
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