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    I just received a BlackBerry 8830 VERIZON World Edition phone- I must say as a new black berry user I am loving the Blackberry system but i am CONFUSSED!! Here is my issue- I am trying to unlock the cdma (or free it) of the phone and reflash it for metro pcs- now I have downloaded the QPST and the prl files- everything was going good until I get the message "NV READ ONLY" I went online to find out about this "different" unlock method by using INFOSOFT PST- I am using windows vista and really have no idea where I can get the software or dll files- in all, I need one of you super smart guys- can anyone help me unlock my Blackberry PLEASE
    10-26-10 08:32 PM
  2. NJPLAYAX's Avatar
    Is it even worth flashing this phone to Metro Pcs?
    10-26-10 11:07 PM
  3. QWKSNKE's Avatar
    To my knowledge, verizon is the only one that can unlock the phone
    10-30-10 10:35 PM
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    You can not unlock a CDMA phone to work on another carrier. However, some service providers are able to "flash" (add their software to the existing Blackberry operating system) to their service. Once this is done, it can not be reversed though. So be sure you do not want the phone to work on Verizon ever again. Honestly, it really isn't worth the trouble to flash such a device and I would be suprised if MetroPCS has any sort of flash software. I would just purchase a cheap phone from craigslist or the like.

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    11-18-10 12:19 AM