1. londonel's Avatar
    Got my new 8900 from orange uk
    and purchased a unlocking code from ebay.
    entered the code and said code accepted.
    but when i put my old sim card (t-mobile)
    it says sim not provisioned:2

    wot does it mean??
    i checked my sim status.
    all checked disabled.

    why cant i use different network's sim???

    please help me, i'll be waiting here
    04-05-09 05:14 AM
  2. hackntossh's Avatar
    Your T-Mobile SIM probably does not have any Blackberry plan on it if I had to guess.

    While you phone will now work with any GSM carrier the carrier you use has to have a Blackberry plan of some sort linked to the SIM, otherwise your Blackberry can't get the service books it needs to do its thing.

    Good luck.
    04-05-09 06:38 AM
  3. londonel's Avatar
    The thing is I can't even use my phone now. Its SOS only. Not able to make phone call or anything.

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    04-05-09 08:09 AM
  4. londonel's Avatar
    It is strange which I can use three uk's sim. Is it because orange share 2G network with three ? As three only has 3G network.

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    04-05-09 08:10 AM