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    Hi guys!

    Recently bought an unlocked blackberry torch 9800 on ebay - got it last week, so everything was good, I popped in my sim card and my network connected so I could make calls and texts. My BIS however could not connect - I called my service provider and they asked my if it was a foreign phone (Im in South Africa), they said they could not help me out to connect the service because the phone is not fully "unlocked" to support the Vodacom carrier.

    I contacted the seller and they gave me a few things to try
    - Register via Host routing table (didnt work, even with battery pull and numerous retries)
    - Get the required service book sent to my phone
    1. this didnt work cause I have to register on my carrier's BIS site
    2. when I enter the PIN and IMEI number it says my service has been suspended - due to my network not detecting the phone I think?
    3. I need to activate my enterprise account to get the service books...which requires my phone to be connected to the blackberry internet service

    OK after all this rambling and frustration I dont know what to do anymore, is there a way to get the phone unlocked to access my BIS or should I just return the phone to the seller??

    Please help guys...Im getting withdrawal from being social disconnected!
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    Just loading a copy of the service book files
    08-15-12 04:43 PM