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    Alright, so I have a blackberry curve on verizon.. But I haven't been using it for a few months due to money issues and not being able to pay for the data plan.. Now that I'm wanting to use the curve again, the old password - which I KNOW was the last few digits of my number - is not working. I'm now on my final try before it wipes everything. I'm debating going in and talking to verizon to see if they know of anything I can do, but I figured I'd try asking on here first.

    Is there anyway that my password could have reset itself or something in the months I wasn't using it? Or am I just SOL? ):
    02-27-11 02:28 PM
  2. Bill_Johnson's Avatar
    You are in a rough spot if you are on your last try. I don't think Verizon will be of much help, as they have no control or secret back-doors to help. But, if you will feel better, call them.

    Hopefully before you abondon using this months ago, you had a back up using Desktop manager? Even if you didn't, the data perhaps is old enough that if you have to restore it from scratch, that may not be such a horrible thing. Third party apps that were pruchased from MobiHand (CrackBerry) should be recoverable. There are great "How to's" here on restoring your OS.

    The last password you used is the one that is in there. No way could it have reset itself just sitting idle. You are sure you put in actual NUMBERS in your password and not the letter equivalents? What I mean, is "1234" you typed as "alt 1, alt 2, alt 3 alt 4" and not "wers".
    02-27-11 02:54 PM
  3. coles-torch's Avatar
    I had this problem with my bold and I jkust wiped itb because I was afraid if I didn't I would have the same problem some time soon

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    03-02-11 06:49 AM
  4. diegonei's Avatar
    Bill's got a good point. You may be typing the right keys but not the right characters.

    Taking it to the store will help just as much as taking it ot the Pope.

    I hope you have a backup somewhere in your computer. Try your last try and if it fails, start fresh after the long wipe wait.
    03-02-11 08:53 AM