1. rockinrodders's Avatar
    I have now paid 2 of the highest rated unlocking companies who advertise on this site for an unlock code for an Orange BB 9860. The ifrst supplied 1 code which did not work, the second supplied 2 codes which didn't work. One of their codes was the same as the first supplier sent.

    I am running out of attempts, does anybody know how to get this unlocked?
    03-31-12 02:48 PM
  2. rockinrodders's Avatar
    Neither of the 2 guys I paid responded to emails regarding their codes being rubbish.

    As an update I downloaded the free calculator from a thread in this forum and it gave me 5 codes, the second one worked fine. I also unlocked my 9860 using the same. Good work guys.

    So "Free" wins and shows what a rip off some of these pros are.

    Am I allowed to name and shame?
    03-31-12 04:40 PM