1. SibSAD's Avatar
    Is there anyway to remove the lock on a hardware locked 9700.
    02-29-12 10:44 AM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    what kind of lock is it?
    a BES IT Policy lock?
    Password lock?
    MEP 0 carrier locked?

    the answer to all three is yes.

    search the forums for your specific issue and all the answers will be found
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    02-29-12 11:17 AM
  3. SibSAD's Avatar
    therefore are all of the types of locks on the phone contribute to being hardware locked?
    03-01-12 08:18 AM
  4. freethisberrydotcom's Avatar
    Hardlocked is when there are no unlocking code attempts left on your device. Most BB's come with only 10 tries. One all atempts have been exhausted, you will need to get your BB reflashed via mep 0 fix . Here are more details on the process:

    How to Fix a BlackBerry with “0 Tries Left” | Mep 0 Fix | Hardlocked BlackBerry | Blog – freethisberry.com

    Let us know if you have any questions.
    03-01-12 11:35 AM
  5. SibSAD's Avatar
    the person who was unlocking it for me told me that it was hardware locked as in it has a carrier proprietary license in the hardware so it there any way I can get into that and remove that file. I also do not believe that this is an IQ as I did not find this module in my Blackberry
    03-01-12 12:59 PM
  6. SibSAD's Avatar
    is it possible to remove this lock from the engineering screen and if yes then what would I be looking for?
    03-01-12 01:48 PM