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    So this forum has been really helpful so far but there are still a few things not working on my Tour. I bought the Tour from Verizon, had it unlocked and then took it to AT&T. But now I think I have everything working except for visual voicemail and GPS. Is there anyone out there that can help me with this? I have sent service books to my phone but that doesn't seem to help... Thanks!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated...If i can't find the answer here I will probably return the phone
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    Buy the bold instead. The tour and the bold are both great but you are on a GSM network with a cdma phone. It downgrades to uneficient GSM outdated technology to work. Like EDGE or something. Data will NOT be full potential. We are all flattered you would put up with this just to get a tour. I assume you are waiting for a contract to end before you switch to verizon? You would have missed out on a discounted contract signup price though.

    Good luck with your probs. Take care

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