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    Hello forum,

    Recently I came across a website where you can unlock your BB by using a code, its FREE but though you have to wait till next day to receive it. But though its worth it if you want to use other networks to replace your current one don't miss out on this opportunity.

    I will need certain information:

    - IMEI
    - Blackberry Model Number
    - Original Carrier/Network
    - MEP Number (Optional, but would appreciate if given)

    To find out your MEP number you'll need the Blackberry Desktop Manager installed or you can just try it to see if it works. Firstly, you connect your Blackberry device via USB. Then click "Read Phone", if it fails dont worry you dont need the MEP code continue entering the other required information.

    After I round up all the codes I will send you a message and instruction on how to activate it.

    Thanks and goodbye!
    05-11-11 03:03 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    There are many legitimate unlockers who know what information is needed and how to handle it properly. I recommend anyone needing unlocking services to check the unlocking forum.
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    05-11-11 03:06 PM