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    We are giving away FREE Rogers Blackberry unlock codes until July 19,2009. To take advantage of this go ExtremeUnlocks.com and submit your IMEI's. Our usual turn around time is 2-30 mins. Pass the word on that were giving away free Rogers Blackberry codes. After our free promotion is over if you still require Blackberry Unlock codes we can provide them fast and cheap at a set price per code or you can purchase a Blackberry unlimited unlocking package.
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    07-15-09 09:48 PM
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    test for what?

    Are you giving free codes or no?
    07-15-09 09:49 PM
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    Yes, were giving away FREE rogers Blackberry unlock codes... please click the link given in the above post to get your free code.
    07-15-09 10:03 PM
  4. black_rain
    07-15-09 10:11 PM
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    Sorry, Rogers Blackberry only
    07-15-09 10:12 PM
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    you can also post your imei's here, and we will post the codes on this forum
    07-19-09 09:59 PM
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    says product can not be found >.< in any case 351845038323856
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    07-20-09 12:55 AM
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    The product cant be found in our store cause our FREE promotion is over.
    07-20-09 07:41 AM