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    send me your IMIE (goto option then status) and your MEP can be found like this(http://www.bbmep.com/) or PRD(on your battery) to jeffafa21@yahoo.com
    i will get it done as soon as i can.
    Please make sure the codes you give me are correct. Thank you
    you can even post it in a comment!!
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    09-08-12 03:07 PM
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    I'm offering a free service and people rather pay -_- maybe I should charge ehh?
    09-09-12 11:37 AM
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    I used this guys very fast and helpful i would recommed and for free what more could you want, Thanks Jeff
    09-10-12 04:42 PM
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    happy to help you out.
    09-10-12 05:13 PM
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    thanks alot dude the code worked and it took me less than 5 mins to get the code , thats even faster than payed services , i only registered here to thank you
    09-10-12 07:25 PM
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    If any of yours friends need a unlock tell'em I'm the guy! No need to pay
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    09-10-12 07:47 PM
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    This was awesome, it only took 5 minutes! Thanks so much!
    09-11-12 05:36 PM
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    Youre welcome
    09-12-12 05:59 PM
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    i can reach the 'Device Info' option in the advance OS Engineering menu but I cannot seem to find a section for the SVP-, ASY-, DRM-, MEP-, etc...

    There seem to be some invisible sections since the list goes all the way down. What do I do? I'm trying to help a firend unlock his Storm 9550 from Verizon.

    Thank you.
    09-13-12 01:40 AM
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    i followed the instructions on the bbmep site but cant get the engineering menu to come up.. any ideas guys??
    09-13-12 02:45 AM
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    i can get back to you alot faster if you email me at jeffafa21@yahoo.com
    09-13-12 09:16 PM
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    Email sent!
    09-17-12 04:54 PM
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    hello, sorry but the free service is over...I have done over 35 blackberrys ,but now i will charge $2.00 for each unlock. by paypal only at the email jber117@hotmail.com . thank you
    09-24-12 01:36 PM