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    so I have been reading all over the place about what could be the problem, a lot of the stuff I have read says that there is an IT policy on this phone. The weird thing is that I have been using this phone for over a week and then all of a sudden this morning I get this message a bout "emergency calls only" when I try to make a call. Everything else works, BB messanger, pictures, text, browser, I downloaded a couple of 3rd party apps. what could it be? Is that my problem? an IT policy?

    This is what is under security>general>services:
    WLM 2.1 (WLMNA01) (AES)
    peer (BBM_P2P) (3DES)

    Any help would be appreciated!!
    01-08-10 02:29 PM
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    Telcel in Mexico

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    01-08-10 03:37 PM
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    that's what I think too. So those things under serice are not IT policies or whatever?
    01-08-10 03:56 PM
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    so I did the reset to factory deal and WLM 2.1 (WLMNA01) (AES) went away from my services. I still get emergency calls only though. Everything else works, just can't make calls, any thoughts on this?
    01-09-10 07:52 PM
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    Check your SIM card. Was it the one that came with the phone or is it one that you put inplace of the card your provider gave you?

    If its the same card, then call your provider, there may be an issue with the card.

    If its a different card and your phone is not unlocked, then that may be your problem. You need to have your phone unlocked to be able to use another company's sim card.

    Another temp fix is to reboot, then options>mobile network>network technology>1EXV

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    01-10-10 12:23 AM
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    I can put my sim card on another BB and everything works fine on the other one, I put my buddies sim card on my phone and I get emergency calls only.

    I have the network technology set on GSM since Telcel is gsm. I did put it on 1EX just to try though and nothing happened.

    My phone IS unlocked, like I mentioned I had been using this phone for over a week already and then all of a sudden this happened.

    This is driving me crazy!!!! any more help would be appreciate it.
    01-10-10 10:22 AM
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    01-10-10 09:19 PM
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    ok, for future reference in case somebody runs into the same problem:

    I followed method 2 in this procedure and it all works now, procedure 1 did not do the trick
    Remove IT Policy - BlackBerryFAQ

    Also, the service books from T Mobile will do the trick so all the features with Telcel Mexico work.
    01-10-10 10:39 PM
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    I spoke too soon, I took the battery out and emergency calls only is back! wtf! does anybody have any input? everything works but making calls, I can receive calls, pictures, emails, BB messenger, everything but make calls!!
    01-11-10 12:21 PM
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    did you figure out a permanent solution?
    08-05-10 08:03 AM
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    Usually it is a OS issue. Need to experiment with the different OS's out there
    08-05-10 01:52 PM