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    Hi guys
    I recently ran into another issue with my bold. I got the JVM Error 102 message on the screen and again thanks to some awesome info on the internet, i managed to get my phone up and running. Once it was running, i noticed that all my contacts and other data was missing. Although the app os says 4.6, it looks like its from way back for some reason. I hooked it up to the computer and ran desktop manager and tried to reload all the apps that were missing including the 4.6 Core App, but it got stuck at "Connecting to Device". After waiting for over an hour and cancelling the function, I got a notice saying "loading function completed susccessfully. Confused, I disconnected the phone and hooked it back up to the machine and Desktop Manager again. This time it said no new application or upgrades were found for my device. I navigated to the Restore function to restore my last backed up IPD file and for some reason, Restore is disabled and so is backup. The only options that are active are Options (under backup) and Advanced.

    Contemplating wiping it clean with JL_CMDr and resinstalling from scratch.

    Just wanted to know if you guys have any other recommendations and if you can clarify if wiping the device clean resets the Unlocking on the phone.

    Thanks in advance

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    11-01-09 03:03 AM
  2. Tronyx's Avatar
    It doesn't reset the unlocking of the device. JL_CMDr works great and there is another piece of software that I typically use called CrackMem which can be found HERE along with the INSTRUCTIONS.

    11-01-09 04:46 AM
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    Hi Tronyx
    My phone seems to connect properly to the machine, but the PIN number does not appear at the bottom of the Desktop Manager.
    That is probably the reason why I cant Restore any of my backups.

    I can see it in the Blackberry Device manager pull down, but cant select it.

    Any recommendations?

    Should i go ahead with Crackmem and wipe everything off and try reinstalling the OS again?
    11-01-09 11:55 PM
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    I'd start by installing/reinstalling the BB USB drivers and DM before wiping and reinstalling the OS. Also make sure you're plugged directly into a USB port on your machine and not a hub. These are all things that might help if your computer is failing to recognize your 'Berry. Good luck!

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    11-02-09 01:47 AM