1. PineappleStrawberry's Avatar
    I own a BB torch 9800 with At&T - I'm currently paying 70.00 with taxes but I saw T- mobile's plan for two lines at 50.00 each and I liked it, but since T mobile doesnt have a wide selection of BBs I really dont want to part with my torch, so should I unlock my Torch? Is it worth it? Will all work after I do it? How should I end my contract with AT&T? Are there any reputable unlockers out there?
    08-24-11 09:02 AM
  2. PineappleStrawberry's Avatar
    Oh and has anyone had any experience unlocking AT&T phones and then using them on Tmobile?
    08-24-11 09:03 AM
  3. CarrierUnlock's Avatar
    It will work just fine just won't get 3G on T-Mobile. Either way i think your looking at a ETF with att. Let us know if you need it unlocked.
    08-24-11 09:09 AM
  4. unlockcellpro's Avatar
    we also provide unlocking facility...
    08-24-11 09:40 AM
  5. freethisberrydotcom's Avatar
    The device will work on 2G aka EDGE .. You will not notice a difference for email and bbm but will notice slower speeds for web browsing and streaming ...
    08-24-11 10:21 AM
  6. PineappleStrawberry's Avatar
    I'm wondering I have a BB bold from AT&T as well that my mother just stopped paying her bill after an argument with AT&T (she uses pay to go now) can I use that phone? She never cancelled the phone or anything just stopped paying them , if I unlock that bold can I still use it? Or it would be reported as stole ro something and become unusable?

    Also,will all features work well? I've read that to some people email would not work or browsing, after unlocking a phone I cannot go back to at&T? or jus tpop the sim and go? Thanks!
    08-24-11 03:59 PM
  7. CarrierUnlock's Avatar
    Everything will be fine just get it unlocked and pop in the sim card.

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    08-24-11 06:42 PM
  8. TheScionicMan's Avatar
    I use a 9000 on T-Mo and everything works, just not at the fastest speed. Not bad to me, but may depend on your expectations.

    IMO, the easiest way to cancel your ATT acct, assuming its a single line, is to port your number to your new T-Mo line. This will effectively cancel your ATT acct and they will bill you with the final charges plus ETF, if applicable.
    08-24-11 08:02 PM
  9. mattycouz's Avatar
    your best off just to leave it with your carrier, if you just try and work things out you can get the same as what t-mobile has, im not to familar about the united states plans and phone companies but here in Canada there almost the exact same
    08-25-11 04:42 AM