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    Im looking to purchase a phone for my parents, but they travel to Indonesia and wanted to use the same phone here in the States.(sprint)

    i know you can unlock gsm phones from att and buy a gsm simcard over in Indonesia.

    is it possible to unlock sprint blackberry curve cdma phone to use cdma service over in Indonesia ?
    Sprint - Define Region

    or is it possible to unlock sprint blackberry Bold cdma/gsm world phone to use GSM service provider in Indonesia ? or no need to unlock ?
    Sprint - Define Region

    instead of using sprint international service.

    please advice.
    Thanks in advance
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    07-25-10 08:09 PM
  2. CarrierUnlock's Avatar
    The curve you cannot, but you can use the Sprint Tour or Bold overseas. Both devices are usually unlocked already from Sprint.
    07-26-10 10:39 AM
  3. T1no's Avatar
    its unlocked heh ? if its somehow locked; is it possible to unlock the phone?
    07-26-10 11:44 PM