1. Wael Hal's Avatar
    hello guys

    thank you for this nice forums , u r doing a great job in here .

    i bought a curve 9630 from UAE .
    when i brought it back to syria it didn't work on the networks "it gives little red SOS near the network coverage indicator" so i did some research and brought the unlock code .

    when typing MEPD it gives
    (sim, network,network subnet,service provider and corporate ) all set to disabled

    the MEP2 doesn't give a thing !! i read somewhere that i should do this on the original sim that the phone is locked to , but i trashed it before knowing that i may need it !

    any help will be appreciated
    11-07-12 02:52 PM
  2. Wael Hal's Avatar
    sorry it's 9360 , mistyped
    11-07-12 04:46 PM
  3. MobileUnlocked's Avatar

    The phone you have is actually already unlocked.

    You've mentioned that after typing in "MEPD" that everything is disabled. This is the list of locks that could be active on the phone. Because all of these are reading "disabled" the list is therefore telling you that the phone is unlocked.

    This also explains why nothing is appearing after typing in "MEP2" - because the phone knows no lock is active, and therefore knows it doesn't need to request one.

    I hope that helps.
    11-12-12 09:55 AM

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